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Digital Transformation, powered by Creativity

Isobar is a global digital agency of 6,500 people across 45 markets, united by our mission to transform businesses, brands and people’s lives with the creative use of digital. Informed by our consultancy practice, we deliver digital transformation, solving complex business challenges through our marketing, ecosystems and products offering.   Isobar has won over 300 awards in 2017 including Asia-Pacific Digital Network of the Year. Key clients include Coca-Cola, adidas, Enterprise, P&G, Philips and Huawei. Isobar is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc.

A neurological shopping experience

We launched an in-store activation using neuroscience technology for Uniqlo called ‘UMOOD’. Uniqlo customers were fitted with a neuro-headset and shown a series of video stimuli. Their neurological responses to were analysed in real-time by a custom-built algorithm that identified their current mood and recommended the perfect T-shirt for them.

Share-A-Coke to add Drama to your summer

This three-month campaign for Coca-Cola engaged youths through an content-rich micro-site, web videos, mobile and social media interactions. Isobar’s ‘Quote Coke’ marketing mechanic featured 49 different labels on the Coke bottles showcasing the most popular quotes from famous movies, popular local TV shows and cartoons to make sure coke looks as great as it tastes.

An accessory that really can save lives

To help combat the 31k deaths from drink driving per year, we created ‘Fiat Safe Key’ a truly life-saving technology. By acting as a Breathalyzer, Fiat Safe Key forbids drivers access to their cars if alcohol is detected in their blood. The key works normally If the driver is alcohol-free. It’s brand innovation, with serious consequences.

Whipping into shape NBC’s convergent premium fitness brand

Radius marks an exciting evolution in the fitness industry as Isobar and NBC Universal make trainer-led workouts accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time by leveraging media platforms, technology and partnerships.

Revolutionizing the cruise industry

For many, the first day of a cruise is a frantic time, we created a digital ecosystem to completely integrate with Royal Caribbean’s existing backend systems to help guests seamlessly get the most from their cruise.  Cruise Planner's responsive design empowers guests to explore an endless variety of on-board activities, dining options, shore excursions and more. Holidaying has never been so easy.

Immersive global VR platform

Our technology enabled visitors to the Bankok Motor Show to virtually test drive the new Chevrolet Colorado CoDriver. This VR experience, featuring rich story lines, enabled people to traverse some of the world's most spectacular landscapes.. Shot with a 3D-printed GoPro sphere mount, combined with advanced audio equipment, the experience captured vehicle feedback making it feel like you were in the Australian outback when you were in the middle of the city.