Making change happen.

We believe that our industry has the potential to change the world. Dentsu Aegis Network can help shape and accelerate ideas that can positively affect the big social, economic and environmental challenges we all face.

In a business that thrives on ideas that create value, we can use our expertise to make a valuable contribution to ideas that make change happen and create solutions for the benefit of people, society, and the planet.

To do that, we set specific goals and shape the framework and policies to get there, in 3 main pillars:

  • Community

  • Environment

  • Marketing Responsibility

Our targets to achieve by 2020


reduce our carbon footprint by an additional 40% per person


enable 500 charities to build communication capabilities


engage 1,000,000 people with suitable consumption campaingns


compliance with our supply chain charter principles

We want everyone in the network to feel inspired; to be proud of where they work and the positive impact they can have on the world around them. So locally, globally, environmentally and societally, all our teams can make contribution through volunteering – we even ensure you have 2 days volunteering time each year to get involved.

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Female Foundry

Female Foundry. This accelerator program is an initiative to educate, mentor and provide funding access to leading female-founded start-ups leveraging technology to promote economic sustainability. Female Foundry, in partnership with Female Founders and West Tech Fest, will provide shortlisted Southeast Asia-based female entrepreneurs access to tools and networks, training to scale platforms, and skills to create commercially viable businesses over six weeks. In addition to education and mentorship, the program culminates with a ‘demo day’ to help secure a possible second round of funding, a key hurdle for female-led start-ups in this region. This year we’re building on last year’s success where 8 entrepreneurs were supported.

Action against addiction

You make think of it as the country where ‘everything is taken care of’, but behind the image, there are still people in Switzerland, like most places, that struggle with addiction, whether it’s to drugs, gaming or over-eating.

Dentsu Aegis Network office in Switzerland, based in Zurich, developed a fledgling charity partnership with Start Again, a local community organisation that provides therapy as well as everyday assistance to addicts and former addicts. A

After introducing the charity and its clients to the agency in late 2016, the volunteering got off to a great start in 2017. Several stretches of weekly volunteering opportunities were filled by the colleagues in the Zurich office. To date 17 people out of the office of 50 have volunteered and donated 14 working days. During the summer this includes outdoor sports (including staff and client volleyball tournaments), and indoor activities during the winter.

Supporting cancer patients & their families

Nearly 1 in 2 born after 1960 will be exposed to a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime. Every four minutes someone in the United Kingdom dies from the disease. As a result, cancer services are under increasing pressure. This means that health services are relying more than ever on charitable organisations to provide support and funding.

Amplifi UK have built a long-term partnership with University College Hospital (UCH) Cancer Fund, raising almost £200,000 to date. The money has been used to support a number of key value-added activities including: an upgrade of isolated treatment rooms, the provision of anti-boredom activities for patients who are having treatment and the launch of the UCLH Cancer Academy. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the United Kingdom and is in response the very real needs of cancer patients and their families pre-and post-treatment.

Amplifi is also being helped by clients and partners alike when it comes to additional support and services in the hospital.


Project Everyone

Dentsu Aegis Network, in support of Project Everyone, brought together a coalition of businesses to amplify the #goalkeepers17 campaign. This coalition included Perfect Day – an award-winning creative agency approached to deliver the collateral – and Quividi, an agency that measures audience engagement within digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH).

Quividi proposed to amplify the natural effectiveness of DOOH advertising by using an AI-driven process which dynamically assembles ads using a genetic algorithm that optimizes creatives for maximum attention time. This tool is called Campaign Genius and this is the very first time that this tool was deployed on a real-time, evolutionary DOOH campaigns on a large scale.

Our campaign delivered some interesting insights in testing this new technology including that the location that optimized the best had a massive 32% increase in attention time (from 4.2 seconds to 5.5 seconds of attention) between the beginning and the end of the one-week campaign.